Monday, August 30, 2010

Wanna Customize your Mobile Phones?

Dell Aero

Well, not yet. But this may be possible in future.

PC maker Dell has ventured into smart phone business, with the launch of Aero recently. Unfortunately, Aero has been given thumb down by many analysts. One main gripe: the phone runs on Android OS 1.5, a pretty outdated version. (The latest version is 2.2.)

Dell’s strengths in PC business, as we know, are its distribution channel (ordering over the Web or phone, and direct delivery), as well as the ability to customize the machines. Which makes me wonder: Can we ever customize our mobile phones?

Imagine that we state our preferences when we order our mobile phones: Want a faster processor? Check! Want more memory? Check! Want you phone to be in pink color? Check! Isn’t that wonderful?

Admittedly, customization of mobile phones won’t be so easy. Customization of PC works because Dell delivers them to our doorstep. When it comes to smart phones, most of us buy subsidized units from the carriers. When there is another party involved, things become more complicated.

Still, I hope Dell or other smart phone makers will explore this possibility…

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